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1. From January 2023, Golden Happiness will operate fully online to combat the rising cost of shop rentals and expenses.
2. This means that prices will remain the same as 8 years ago as we kept cost low. We remain as one of the most affordable traditional wedding services in Singapore.

3. Prices will remain UNCHANGED, NO GST and free delivery will be provided for purchases above $100. Consultations will be available pre and upon delivery, and notes will be provided.
4. All item descriptions and pricing details will be published online, ordering will be available via WhatsApp OR our online shopping cart.
5. Consultations are available via ZOOM, phone calls, video calls, WhatsApp or our chat box (all located at the bottom right-hand corner) on our website.
Or contact
Jeffrey at 97958499 

Golden Happiness

Golden Happiness

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Our Story.

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Guo Da Li 过大礼 Betrothal

Enter The World of Betrothal/ Guo Da Li

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嫁妆, 结婚, dowry, chinese wedding, wedding traditions
An Chuang, Bed Setting, Bed Installation, 按床

Enter The World Of Dowry/ Jia Zhuang

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Enter The World Of Bed setting/ An Chuang

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