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 Betrothal  过大礼

What is Betrothal?
It comprises of gifts and cash delivered to the bride’s home by the groom. Of which the bride’s family will accept and return the reminder to avoid giving the impression of “selling” their daughter. 

Why is Betrothal important?
The Betrothal epitomizes the sincerity towards the marriage between the bindings of 2 families and assures the bride’s family that she will be well taken care of after marriage. It also shows the groom’s financial dependability.

When should Betrothal be done?
One to three weeks before the wedding day.


How is Betrothal done?
The Groom together with a friend or a matchmaker will deliver the betrothal gifts to the bride’s home. Now a days match makers are all about money, a simple bed setting with a few items can simply cost you up to $200, we strongly DO NOT recommend them unless as requested by elders, otherwise you should be fine by just following our step by step guide. Places who pushes a matchmaker's service to you won't be too honest either!

*Dragon and phoenix candles are a must for all dialects IF both parties are Christians or Catholics you may replace with NON dragon and phoenix candles



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