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 Our   Trusted   Partners​

These are the people whom I have known for quite sometime and personally trusted them because of their good work ethics and great personality. Tell them you are recommended by Eyvon or Golden Happiness and you won't be disappointed! :D

Feng Shui Master David Tong
Principal Consultant
Tel: (65) 98299670

David's interest in Feng Shui started when he was at a very young age. Since then, his curiosity and pursuit for authentic Feng Shui knowledge led him to study under some of the best Classical Feng Shui masters in Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong, attaining high levels of certifications and competencies in the study of San He and San Yuan Feng Shui, Bazi (Destiny) Analysis, Date Selection, Mian Xiang (Face Reading) as well as Palmistry.

David's quest for this powerful ancient knowledge and a stroke of luck led him to study under the direct lineage of Tan Yang Wu's School of San Yuan Feng Shui (which originates from the Xuan Kong Wu Chang Sect (玄空無常派) in Jiangsu, China), where the late Venerable Hong Chuan (宏船法师), who is undeniably the most famous Feng Shui master in Singapore, is also part of the lineage. Being part of the lineage means that the same methods, applications and techniques were applied for our Feng Shui audits, achieving the same positive results as our late Masters.

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