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Cantonese/ Hakka

If your husband is Hakka or Cantonese
Things to buy for the bride:
2 Chicken
2 Bottles of brandy
Dragon & Phoenix candles
2 large fish (meaning sheng qi, re re nao nao)
2 coconut (you ye you zi)
4 Brandy/ Rice wine
Tea leaves
Hai wei (Cantonese) may include fa cai, mushrooms, abalone, clams, prawns/shrimps, sea cucumber, fish maw, shark's fin
12- 18 oranges
12- 18 apples
Bao lo man yao pin jin dai
Dragon and phoenix box containing red dates, red and green beans, bai he, lian zi, sesame, longan,
2 pieces of red cloth to hang on the door, grooms to be longer than brides (for gd luck)
A full plate of 'fatt kou', some vegetables as leaf lettuce or endive ('sang choy', symbolizes vitality),
celery ('khan choy' symbolizes diligence), spring onion (symbolizes intelligence)
1 pair of trousers (if the bride has a single elder brother (symbolizes wealth).
Dragon phoenix bangles (Long Feng Zhou)
A specified number of wedding cakes


Returning to the groom
Usually half of the items brought by the groom will be returned
1 pair of lotus tuber ('leng ngau') with roots intacts and plenty of tubercles (but now a days it is almost impossible to get so lotus roots from supermarket will do) (Cantonese only)meaning (symbolize the prosperous offspring desired by the couple as well as longevity of both the couple and their family.)
Part of the cash will be returned to reflect the spirit of sharing between two families. (Both Hakka & Cantonese)

Below is just an example of one of our many packages:

Dragon Candle- 1 pair

Phoenix Candle- 1 pair
Basket- 1 pc OR FOC rental of 3 tier peranakan basket
Black gold charcoal- 1 pair
Pin Jin red packet- 1 pc
Li Ru (nappy money) red packet- 1pc
4 treasures (10 boxes of mien xien,

2 packet of red date,

2 packet of rock sugar,

12 pcs dried persimmons)

Jin Guo ( Bai He, Lian Zi, Longan, 2 packets each)

12 cans of pig trotters

Hong Cai 9ft by 9ft- 1 pair
Wine bag- 1 pair
Stickers and decorative ribbons for oranges,

can pig trotters


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