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The   Traditional   Wedding   Story

Clueless about wedding traditions? Don't worry we are here to help you all the way! 

​Click on our tabs on the left to read more about each wedding ceremony to gain more useful information about the dos and don'ts!

**Disclaimer** For each individual families, procedure may be different. So we can't please everyone right? Just go with what you feel is right, most importantly there shouldn't be arguments or even fights. We do often get stubborn older generations who simply refuses to listen to anyone, so my best advice would be just go with what they please and all will be well :) Afterall, weddings should all be fuss free and fun memorable process!




Betrothal/ Guo Da Li

Dowry/ Jia Zhuang

Bed Setting/ An Chuang

Hair Combing/ Shang Tou

Love, Jeffrey & Eyvon

Preparation for Actual Day/ Tea Ceremony

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