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The  Teochew  Package

For the Teochews, TeoChew

On the first delivery date selected at the temple, part of the cash, 12 oranges and some biscuits will be sent and to seek approval from bride's family.
On the second delivery date, the balance of the cash and wedding cakes, 12 oranges, biscuits, a roasted whole pig, 2 chickens, 2 bottles of brandy.
If either side is Teochew
Things to buy for the bride:
12 oranges
Wedding cakes
A roasted whole pig
2 chickens
1 pair of charcoal
2 bottles of hard liquer

Li Ru (nappy money) red packet- 1pc

Wu Gu Feng Shou 五谷丰收 beans- 10 packets

Hong Cai 9ft by 9ft- 1 pair
Peanut candy & Sesame candy
2 pair Dragon & Phoenix candles
Gold Jewellery (Si Dian Jin)

Red cloth to wrap si dian jin and yellow wax)
Lao ma gor for the surviving grandma of the bride (if grandma is no longer around this should be skipped)

Returning to the groom
Usually to return 1/2 of the things he has given you and part of pin jin, to keep the Si Dian Jin
1 pair phoenix candle
1 teaset
2 bottles of orange juice
1 piece of handkerchief for each of the brothers who helped deliver the items
1 pair of charcoal
A red packet for the groom to buy 4 items (shoes, tie, wallet, shirt, pants, tie clip which ever you prefer)
A red packet will also be given to the groom’s parents to buy shoes.
2 sets of towels for grooms parents

Our Packagesces 1. Click here to edit me

At Golden Happiness, we do not sell you things that you don't need, our package content are essential items that are simply too affordable to miss! 

Our Package is from basic package of $98 to $158 (as of 2021), many packages to pick from to cater to your needs! We even have packages that are suitable for all Christians and Catholics.

Lao Ma Gor available- please order 10 days in advance $98 per set. Per set is about 1kg to 1.5kg

Below is just an examply of one of our many packages:

Dragon Candle- 1 pair

Phoenix Candle- 1 pair

Basket- 1 pc OR FOC rental of Teochew basket

Black gold charcoal- 1 pair

Pin Jin red packet- 1 pc

Li Ru (nappy money) red packet- 1pc

Wu Gu Feng Shou 五谷丰收 beans- (red beans,

Green beans,

Soya Beans,

Kidney beans,

Mug beans each 2 packets)

Hong Cai 9ft by 9ft- 1 pair

Peanut candies- 2 packets each (100grams)

Sesame candies- 2 packets each (100grams)

Pig trotters- 12 cans

Red cloth (to wrap Si Dian Jin)- 1pc

Bai Nian Hao He 百年好合 wax (to wrap with Si Dian Jin)- 1pc

Wine bag- 1 pair

Stickers and decorative ribbons for oranges, can pig trotters






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