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The Hokkien/ Hainanese Package

Hokkiens/ Hainanese
If your husband is Hokkien and Hainanese
Things to buy for the bride:
2 pair of Dragon & Phoenix candles
2 bottles of hard liquer
12 to 18 Pig trotters/ pig trotters cans
12 Oranges
12 Apples
1 pair of red cloth 9ft by 9 ft to announce the wedding ceremony
Pin Jin red packet
Wedding cakes
1 pair of Charcoal
Nappy money red packet (can be given during Guo Da Li although most give during actual day)
5 types of seeds symbolizes prosperity, growth and perpetuation of the family (green beans, red beans, mug beans, yellow beans, mug beans and black beans) the beans MUST be planted in potted plants 12 days after Guo Da Li ceremony

Returning to the groom
1 pair phoenix candle
1 teaset
Usually to return 1/2 of what he has give you
2 bottles of orange juice
2 stalks of yam (the yam MUST be planted in potted plants 12 days after Guo Da Li ceremony) (optional)
2 stems of ginger plants (optional)
2 stalks of chives (optional)
Some red dates (optional)
1 bunch of green banana
1 pair of charcoal
A red packet for the groom to buy 4 items (shoes, tie, wallet, shirt, pants, tie clip which ever you prefer)
A red packet will also be given to the groom’s parents to buy shoes.
The bride will need to present 2 sets of towels to the parents
1 Sugarcane red packet

​Our Packages

At Golden Happiness, we do not sell you things that you don't need, our package content are essential items that are simply too affordable to miss!

Our Package is from basic package of $98 to $158 (2021), many packages to pick from to cater to your needs! We even have packages that are suitable for all Christians and Catholics

Below is just an example of one of our many packages:

Dragon Candle - 1 pair

Phoenix Candle- 1pair
Basket- 1 pc OR FOC rental of 3 tier peranakan basket 1 pc
Black gold charcoal- 1 pair
Pin Jin red packet- 1 pc
Li Ru (nappy money) red packet- 1pc
Wu Gu Feng Shou 五谷丰收 beans- 10 packets

(red beans,

Green beans,

Soya Beans,

Kidney beans,

Mug beans each 2 packets)

Mi Lao (Rice biscuit)- 2 packets (For hokkien only)

Ma Lao (Sesame biscuit)- 2 packets (For hokkien only)
Hong Cai 9ft by 9ft- 1 pair
Pig trotters- 12 cans
Wine bag- 1 pair
Stickers and decorative ribbons for oranges, can pig trotters


Bindeh for Hainanese brides at $78 per pair. Please order 3 weeks before your wedding day.


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