1. Stainless steel sewing machine

2. Thermal flask

3. Layers ting kat

4. Potty

5. Rice bucket

6. Water scoop

7. Golden chopstick and bowl set *1 pair*

8. Basin

9. Laundry Pail

10. Face towel *1 pair*

11. Sewing kit

12. Toothpaste and toothbrush *1 pair*

13. Mug *1 pair*

14. Baby milk bottles *1 pair*

15. Baby bib *1 pair*

16. Baby lotion

17. Yuan qian in basin

18. Arylic box showcase

Mini Dowry MDD-01 **COMPLETE SET**

S$58.00 Regular Price
S$42.00Sale Price
  • Mini Dowry PACKAGE A consist of 1. Sewing Machine 2. Thermal flask 3. Ting Kat 4. Gold bowls 5. Gold chopsticks 6. Water scoop 7. Potty 8. Basin 9. Pail 10.Sewing kit 11.Toothbrush 12.Mugs 13.Toothpaste 14.Towels 15.Bibs 16.Milk bottle 17.Baby lotion 18.Basin of 缘钱 All in Mini Dowry Set

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