Teochew Guo Da Li Package A


Teochew Guo Da Li Set A contains:

1. Basket- 1pc

2. Dragon & Phoenix Candles- 2 pair

3. Black gold charcoal- 1 packet

4. Pin Jin red packet- 1 pc

5. Li Ru/ Nappy money red packet- 1 pc

6. Wu Gu (5 different kinds of beans, red bean, green beans, soya beans, mug beans, kidney beans a total of 10 packets, 2 packets for each kind of beans)

7. Hong cai (9ft)- 1 pair

8. Traditional red cloth to wrap Si Dian Jin box- 1pc

9. 百年好合 wax (to wrap with Si Dian Jin)- 1pc

10. Extra stickers for oranges

11. Wine bag- 1 pair

Teochew Guo Da Li Basic Package A

S$128.00 Regular Price
S$98.00Sale Price

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